Welcome to Petite Home!

This server should be a kind of a “small home” for all compatriots living abroad.
Have you been abroad to study, work, or for any other reason? Would you like to contact your compatriots abroad? This server gives you the opportunity to do that.
However, be aware that: While everyone is sure trying to provide the most accurate information, some information may be obsolete, incomplete, or inappropriate for your case. Treat the contents of this server accordingly. A good advice can save you a lot of time, money and/or help you get rid of your problems; however, it is important to verify every such information, especially when it comes to dealing with authorities or various other institutions.
BE STRONGLY ADVISED THAT: The server operator cannot verify individual posts; only the user who posted an individual post is responsible for its content.
OUR OFFER: If you did not find the group you would need, feel free to contact the server administration to create a new group at: https://petitehome.org/contact . If possible, we will try to create a new group as soon as possible.

You can find the following options on the server:


  • Actual informations: Share up-to-date information that might interest others.
  • Tips, Advices, Questions: Maybe you would like some advice on how to deal with authorities, where to find a good doctor, or how and where you could take care of something.
  • Sell, Buy, Give: An opportunity to cheaply buy, sell, or donate things that you no longer need.
  • Carpool: Offer a request a carpool.
  • Services: Offers and demands for services, such as au pair, moving, plumbing, electrical work, or anything else.
  • Jobs: Job offers and vacancies.
  • General discussion: Discussion on all the other topics.

Blogs: You can write your own blog. In particular, we welcome various information regarding your experience with life in a new country.

Articles: Other users will appreciate very much if you compile detailed information regarding a particular topic, such as what must be taken care of and how when studying, how to get accommodation, how to open a bank account, how to arrange for a transportation pass, which phone operator to select, how to arrange for the internet connection, where to find a good doctor, how the health insurance works, experience with part-time jobs and internships... Write a detailed article and help other people who recently moved abroad or are just about to. Remember everything you had to take care of upon your arrival and describe your experiences.

Calendar: If you know of an event that might be of interest to other compatriots, or if you are actually organizing such an event, add it to the calendar, whether it is a meeting of compatriots, walk, trip, exhibition, interesting performance, etc. If a User is interested in the event, he/she can set up an alert to be received sufficiently in advance. However, you have to realize that if you set the alert for 2 hours, you will not receive it exactly 120 minutes before the event. For technical reasons associated with the Server operation, the preset alert time is only approximate, so set up the alert well in advance.

Unregistered users can browse all forums, blogs, articles, and calendar events on the server; however, they cannot add content to the server or, for example, set up calendar event notifications.

Most server activities can only be performed by registered users. If you would like to be active on the server, please, register at: https://petitehome.org/user/register
To protect your personal data, please, note: DO NOT use your real name as a username, make up some nickname. For the same reason, do not use your real photo, use an icon or avatar instead. This server does not collect any information on users other than what the user enters during registration or later within his/her profile, nor does it provide any information about its users to any third party.
During the registration process, you can choose the group (or groups) you want to join. It can be easily changed later, at any time.
You can find all of the existing groups at the Groups tab: https://petitehome.org/groups
If you have any problem or inquiry, you can contact the server administrators using the form at the Contact tab: https://petitehome.org/contact
You can find your user settings at the User tab: https://petitehome.org/User
If you click the group name link (either in the sidebar/bottom panel or in the list of all groups), you will see all the posts in that group.
For the most important documents, visit the main page Home tab at: https://petitehome.org

Other items in the top menu will only be displayed if you select the current group.
At the Forum tab, you will find a list of all forums. Here, you can create a new discussion topic or use the comment to respond to an existing topic at: https://petitehome.org/forum
At the Blogs tab, you can see the posts of all the current group users, and you can use the link to write a post to your own blog at: https://petitehome.org/blog
At the Articles tab, you can find all the articles in the current group, and you can use the link to write your own article at: https://petitehome.org/article
The Calendar tab displays the events in the current group. Add a new event to your calendar using the link in the top right area at: https://petitehome.org/calendar
If you click an event, you will see its details and you can set an alert for this event.

Once a new contribution (a topic in a forum, blog, article, or event) posts on the server, you will receive an e-mail notification. However, to receive these notifications, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must be registered at the website.
  • You must join a group either during the registration process or later by using the Subscribe to group link in the side/bottom panel under the group name.
  • You must subscribe to receive group posts by using the Subscribe group content button, which will appear on the group page if you click on the group name (either in the side/bottom panel or in the list of all groups). If you have already subscribed to receive contents, you will see the Unsubscribe group content button, which can be used to cancel subscription to this group’s posts.
  • You must have a value other than Never set in your profile in the “How often would you like to receive e-mail notifications” item.

Once again, we would like to remind you:
If you have a problem or inquiry, something does not work properly, you have an observation related to the Server functions or an improvement suggestion, etc., please, feel free to contact the server administration using the form at the Contact tab: https://petitehome.org/contact
We will try to solve the problems as quickly as possible. We will also take into consideration your improvement suggestions, although we cannot promise you to implement them all.

This server is here for you. It is up to you what advice and information you will share with other users here. Each user can help make this server an information treasure trove for everyone.
We hope that you would find here exactly what you are looking for.
Have a nice day!
Petite Home Server administration